Activity Pouf for Kids

July 22, 2016











CHILDREN'S PG MENU: 22 beautiful couple friend animations with unique and wonderful rezzed and given props. 17 solo sit animations, 2 avatars can sit same time


Jumping: jumping up and down on pouf
Play: hop scotch and blow bubbles (hop scotch is rezzed)
Pattycake: clapping hands with friend
Blocks: playing with blocks (blocks are rezzed and hand held blocks are given)
Singing: singing with friend (microphones are given)
Music: playing bongo drums and guitar (bongo drums are rezzed, guitar is given)
Paint: painting on easel (paint brush and palette is given)


Fortune: sitting at fortune telling table (table, chairs and crystal ball are rezzed)
Knit-Sew: knitting and sewing (needles and materials are given, knitting basket is rezzed)
Read: sit on friend's knee for book time (book is given)
Pets: petting a cat and dog (cat and dog are rezzed)
Popcorn: eating popcorn (popcorn is rezzed)
Crafts: hammer on workbench and make pottery (work table and spinning pottery table are rezzed, hammer is given)


5 aerobic couple exercises (yoga mat is rezzed)

Brush: brush friend's hair (hair comb is given)
Groom: file nails and comb hair (comb and nail file are given)
Upset: temper tantrum and crying (box of kleenex is rezzed)
Pray: praying together


SINGLE SITS: (17 solo animations)
2 avatars can sit same time on pouf

Activity Pouf changes color using a color change HUD (see photo) and resizes using menu
7 prims total


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