Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions. If you do not find your answer here, feel free to contact us anytime.

Can I get Zen's products with modify rights?

Most of our items are copy/mod with the exception of our main menu units (eg: bed, sofa, tub) If you find an item (that is not a main unit) and needs modify permissions, we are happy to provide this to you.

Why no modify on main menu units such as beds, sofas and tubs?

We take great pride in our creations. Years have been spent perfecting our animation engines. These engines are exclusive to our builds and we would like them to remain attached only to our products. We thank our very valuable Customers for understanding how important this is to us.

I need to put in a multi-scene rezz script. Now what?

There are some multi-scene rezz systems that include, or make available, transferable versions of the object script. Upon request, we are happy to put this script in for you. Please note that we cannot edit a product once it has been purchased. You will be provided with new versions of the product item(s), with the multi-scene script put inside.

My product(s) did not deliver, what can I do?

  1. Visit our in-world store, the re-delivery terminal is located at the customer service desk.

  2. Message us via our contact page on this site

  3. Message us directly in-world (Zhoie Zimermann, Pjay Adder)

Does Zen Creations do custom work?


Unfortunately, we do not do custom work at this time. However, we are happy to assist with small modifications on our existing products. Please contact us directly so we can let you know if we can fufill your request.

Will Zen Creations sponsor my club, cause, etc?


Zen Creations does participate in sponsorship from time to time. Please contact Pjay Adder directly to inquire if we have current sponsor slots available.

How do I purchase a gift from Zen Creations?


Gifting options are available on all our products in-world (via our casper vendors) or on marketplace. (Check marketplace security settings, so you can view all our products)

We regret that we have discontinued our gift card sales due to a number of security concerns surrounding gift cards in secondlife.